Google Cache status checker

Google Cache status checker

Find out the exact date and time your web page was cached by Google through Google Cache Status checker

A cache is a type of temporary memory. Google's cache is the latest copy created by Google's crawler when analyzes the requested page.

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What is Google Cache?

When we talk about 'cache', we are referring to a type of temporary memory that uses previously processed data to provide the user with quick access to the web page. The data is processed in the background so that it does not need to be reloaded each time it is accessed.

Google's crawlers continually update search results according to new content on web pages in order to provide consistently relevant results: to do this, it needs to 'snapshot' the situation of the pages in question and keep an archive of them.

In case a page cannot be accessed (e.g. for technical reasons), Google will use the latest available snapshot to show it to the user anyway.

How do I view the cached version of my web page?

You can do this either by searching for the website in the SERP and clicking on the down arrow next to the URL, or by direct access (N.B.: you can't do this if you don't know the exact URL of the web you are interested in): just go to the search bar and add the URL of the page to the one below.[YOUR-URL]

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