Find out page without https certificate

Find out page without https certificate

Perform your domain audit and find out all Non-HTTPS pages on a website

Non-HTTPS websites cause browsers to display a “Not Secure” warning to users.

Server and proxy Tester and validators

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How to find non-https pages on a website?

Non-HTTPS websites cause modern browsers to display a "Not Secure" warning to users.

HTTPS keeps a user's connection to a server safe from tampering and eavesdropping.

HTTPS is now free, easy and increasingly ubiquitous. It's also required if you don't want browsers flagging the site as "Not secure". Yet still, many of the world's largest websites continue to serve content over unencrypted connections, putting users at risk even when no sensitive data is involved.

Use HTTP checker tool to perform continuosly domain audit and find out pages without HHTPS SSL cretificate.

Keep your users safe and perform your site.

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