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IP Location Finder

IP Address and Domain Name Geolocation Lookup Tool

Accurate IPv4, IPv6 and domain name Geolocation lookup database provides more than 30 informations like country, city, time zone, state and ISP.

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What is IP geo location address?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet.

Each computer (known as a host) on the Internet has at least one IP address that uniquely identifies it from all other computers on the Internet.

An IP address is written in "dotted decimal" notation, which is 4 sets of numbers separated by period each set representing 8-bit number ranging from (0-255). An example of IPv4 address is, which is your IP address.

Every device on the Internet has two IP addresses: a public and a private one. In your home, your router uses your public IP address—assigned by your ISP—to connect to the Internet.

Your mobile devices also have public and private IP addresses. But they're constantly changing, and therefore, pretty much meaningless.

Your public IP address is the IP address that is logged by various servers/devices when you connect to them through your internet connection.

Geo tracking has become very common today. A network of satellites and mobile phone towers help in providing the exact location of an IP address. If you want to know where an IP address is located, you must use this geo IP locator tool.

IP and domain name location module

IP to Location module provides geolocation information related to an IP address such as continent, country, country capital, country calling code, country top level domain, city, state/province, zip code, local languages, country flag, latitude and longitude information.

Our IP Address Database contains more than 25 million IP blocks and it is updated on daily basis.

Timezone module provides time and timezone related information such as timezone name, UTC/GMT offset, current date and time string, is daylight saving time active and daylight saving in hours.

Connection information module provides connection related information such as name of the ISP which owns this IP address, name of the organization/company to whom this IP address is further licensed by the ISP and the type of connection.

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