Crawlable Anchors

Come si rende una pagina crawlabile?

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What are Crawlable Anchors

Search engine crawlers are able to follow the links of your website exclusively if they use proper <a> tags with resolvable URLs:

crawlable anchors


How to use <a> tags properly

If a link is an <a> tag with an href attribute, crawlers will be able to follow it correctly; on the other hand, if the format is different (i.e. without an href tag or other tags relative to a link), crawlers will not follow it: this is due to the script events.

For instance, crawlers can follow:

<a href="">
<a href="/relative/path/file">
They can not follow:
<a routerLink="some/path">
<span href="">
<a onclick="goto('')">

Make sure to link to resolvable URLs

You have to be sure that in the <a> tag you are linking to a valid URL, namely that the crawlers can interact with it, such as:

What is not considered a valid URL:


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