Optimize Images

How to optimize images

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How to optimize images

SeoChecker displays in a table like this one below every image of the page that is not optimized, with its potential saving in KiB (kibibytes).

It is advisable to optimize every image in order to consume less data and to make page's loading faster.

optimize images


How SeoChecker notify optimizable images

The process of identifying optimizable images starts with a list of all the page's images (JPEG or BMP); once they are identified, SeoChecker brings them to a compression level of 85 and makes a comparison between original and compressed images: optimizable images are those that can result in potential savings of 4KiB or more.


How can I optimize the images of my page?

  • compress the images
  • use responsive images
  • use images with the right dimensions
  • use WebP images
  • use image CDNs

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