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Large Network Payloads

If you do not want to slow down the loading time of your website's pages, you should avoid large network payloads.


How the SeoChecker network payload audit fails

When SeoChecker does a scan, it reports to you the size of all resources requested by the page, expressed in KiB (kibibytes).

The report shows a list of elements by descending size:

page dimension


If SeoChecker detects a page with a total network requests greater than 5.000 KiB, it will display an error: this metric is based on the fact that the median network payload is between 1.700 and 1.900 KiB; therefore, you should focus on keep it below 1.600 KiB, because in this way all the data of the page will be downloaded in less than 10 seconds.


How can I reduce the payload size?

  • you can cache requests: doing so, when a page is visited for the second time the resources will not be downloaded again.
  • you can suspend the requests if they are not immediately needed and use them in a second moment.
  • you can keep the requests small, as much as it is possible, for example:
  1. minifying and compressing network payloads
  2. regulating JPEG images with a compression level of 85
  3. choosing WebP format for images in place of PNG or JPEG.

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