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Come migliorare i tempi di risposta del server (TTFB)

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How to improve server response times (TTFB)

Communication between the browser and the server consists of requests made by the browser to the server to obtain the content of the page.

The amount of time spent by the browser to get the first byte of page content is called Time to First Byte, or TTFB.

Performance of your page is affected by server response time: if the response takes longer than 600 ms, SeoChecker will notify it.

Considering the fact that servers usually make a lot of effort to return the page content to the browser, it is necessary to optimise the server to improve the speed of the page and the user experience.

server response time


How can I improve my server response time?

First you need to work out what the main tasks are that your server needs to complete to return the page content; then you need to measure how long each one takes, looking for the longest ones to shorten their time.

Slow server responses can be caused by a number of factors, so you might:

  • Prepare pages more quickly by optimising the server's application logic. The framework can give you advice on how to do this (if you use the server's).
  • To get more CPU or more memory, upgrade your server hardware.
  • Migrate to faster database systems or optimise the server's method of querying the database.

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