Web App Manifest

In order to make the PWA installable, a Web App Manifest is required.


Web App Manifest installability

One of the most important requirements of a PWA (Progressive Web App) is installability: by installing a PWA, it will be possible to add it to the home screen of the device and thus make it easier for users to interact with it more often.

In order to make the PWA installable, a Web App Manifest is required, as it has key pieces of information needed.


How the SeoChecker Web App Manifest audit is displayed

If a page does not meet the requirements for installability, SeoChecker will notify it.

web app manifest


How can I check that my PWA is installable?

Make sure the page's manifest has these properties:

  • a start_url property
  • a display correctly set to one of these: standalone, fullscreen or minimal-ui;
  • two icons (192x192 px and 512x512 px) included in an icons property;
  • a name or short_name property;
  • a prefer_related_applications property with a value different than true.

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