How to handle large DOM size

Speed performance

How to handle large DOM size

Your page's performance can be slowed down by a large DOM tree:

  • it can affect the efficiency of the network and the load performance, due to its invisible nodes;
  • it can affect the runtime performance;
  • it can affect the memory performance.


How the SeoChecker DOM size audit is displayed

SeoChecker shows in a table like the one below the total DOM elements of a page, its maximum DOM depth and its maximum child elements:


SeoChecker notifies pages with DOM trees with a total of nodes more than 1500, a depth major than 32 nodes and a parent node with more than 60 child notes.


How can I optimize the DOM size

Try to not keep unnecessary nodes, spotting them for example loading the page and mark the useful nodes.

Another way is to make your CSS selectors easier.

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