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What is the Speed Index parameter?

When a user opens a page of your website, there is a certain amount of loading time spent by the browser to show it fully.

This happens due to various reasons, each one monitored by a specific parameter.

In the case of Speed Index, what is analyzed is how fast the content of your page is shown to the user during the loading time.

Speed Index is displayed in seconds by SeoChecker.

speed index


The score is assigned according to a ratio between the Speed Index of your page and the Speed Index data of a big archive of other websites (HTTP Archive).

In this table you can check the score parameters:

Speed Index time (in seconds) Color-coding
0 – 3.4 Green (fast)
3.4 – 5.8 Orange (moderate)
> 5.8 Red (slow)


How can I improve my Speed Index score?

Our main tips for you is to not focus only on Speed Index score: try to solve all the loading issues of your page and you will see how this parameter will benefit as well!

Having said that, there is something that you can do to improve your score, such as:

  • trying to reduce the main thread work;
  • decreasing the execution time of JavaScript;
  • making sure that during the loading of the webfont, the text keeps visible.

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