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How to make text compression correctly

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How to make text compression correctly

SeoChecker makes a table like the one below with a list of text-based resources not compressed.

text compression


How text compression is handled by SeoChecker

SeoChecker collects responses that:

  • do not have a content-encoding header set to gzip, deflate or br;
  • have resource types that are text-based.

Each of these responses are later compressed to calculate potential savings with GZIP.

SeoChecker does not display a response that has an original size of less than 1.4KiB or if the potential saving is less than 10% of the original size.


How can I enable text compression on my server?

Accept-Encoding HTTP request header is used by a browser when it requests a resource, in order to specify what compression algorithms it supports.

Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress, br

If possible, it is advisable to use Brotli (br), considering the fact that thanks to it the size of resource files can be reduced more than other compression algorithms. 

Alternatively, you could use GZIP: it is less efficient but is supported in all major browsers.In order to indicate which compression algorithm you used, the HTTP Content-Encoding response header should be returned by your server.

Content-Encoding: br

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