How to minimize Main Thread Work

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How to minimize Main Thread Work

In order for users visiting your site to interact with it, the browser implements a rendering process that produces a web page from input code instructions (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

How does this rendering process work?

Its main thread usually works with the major part of the code: indeed, it checks the HTML code to build the DOM; it analyzes the CSS to apply the styles; it defines and executes the JavaScript code.

It processes user events as well: it can happen that your website does not react to the interactions of the user because the main thread is working on something else. This imply of course a bad user experience.


How the SeoChecker Main Thread work audit fails

If during the page loading its main thread is occupied for more than 4 seconds, SeoChecker displays an error.



Thanks to this table, SeoChecker is able to show you where the CPU spent its time waiting for the browser to load the page.


How can I minimize the Main Thread work?

Here is a list of tips divided by sections.

Style and layout

  • do not use layout thrashing and complex/large layouts;
  • make style calculation easier and diminish the scope.


  • postpone non-critical CSS;
  • extract critical CSS;
  • minify CSS.

Memory usage

  • using measureMemory() you can check the total memory usage of your web page.


  • organize layer count and stick to compositor only properties;
  • cut paint areas and make easier paint complexity.

Script compilation and evaluation

  • if there is unused code, remove it;
  • split the code reduce JavaScript payloads;
  • debounce input handlers;
  • use web workers;
  • optimize third-party JavaScript.

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