Largest Contentful Paint

What is the Largest Contentful Paint parameter?

Speed performance

What is the Largest Contentful Paint parameter?

When a user opens a page of your website, there is a certain amount of loading time spent by the browser to show it fully.

This happens due to various reasons, each one monitored by a specific parameter.

The Largest Contentful Paint controls how long it takes the largest content item in the viewport to be rendered on the screen.



In this table you can check the score parameters:

Largest Contentful Paint (in seconds) Color-coding
0 - 2.5 Green (fast)
2.5 - 4 Orange (moderate)
> 4 Red (slow)


What affects Largest Contentful Paint loading?

  • render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • client-side rendering
  • load times of resource
  • slow server response times

You can surely improve the LCP of your page by optimizing your CSS, Images, JavaScript, Fonts and the Critical Rendering Path, as well as applying instant loading with the PRPL pattern.

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